i-cubed provides the latest space, airborne and earthborn remote sensing technologies to insure you have the necessary data and tools for your environmental stewardship and natural resource management programs.
We offer progressive, affordable satellite and aerial imagery acquisition and management solutions, including data from the very latest optical satellites with specialized “coastal” image collection capabilities and daily revisits.


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DataDoors™ helps environmental scientists analyze satellite data more effectively by expediting retrieval of existing imagery archives. DataDoors processes such as NDVI or CIR can be applied to any multispectral data containing a near infrared and red band. Built-in terrain processes—such as curvature, slope, and vegetation height—can help you efficiently analyze your DEM data. Custom processes to generate multi-band indexes (ex. a wetness or greenness index) can be easily written and plugged into your data. We may even be able to port more complicated models that you have written for your data, freeing up resources within your organization and making it easier to batch-process your imagery. We have extensive experience writing custom processes for DataDoors through our work with the Forest Service and their TEUI application.

With GAME™, i-cubed brings all of your aerial and ground-based field data into a geographically-based common operating picture. GAME is the most versatile geomedia solution on the market, supporting full-motion geospatial video, photos, documents, spreadsheets, applications and many other types of digital information needed to effectively assess and manage your environmental projects. With GAME, you now have an easy way to upload, organize, search and disseminate digital assets throughout your organization and with partners – all within the context of your existing GIS mapping environment.


Through DataDoors, GAME, and our experienced image processing team, i-cubed can help resolve some of the biggest issues in Environmental and Natural Resources Management, including:

  • Coastal & Shoreline Monitoring
  • Pest Infestation Epidemics
  • Manmade & Natural Disaster Response Efforts
  • Forest Inventory and Management
  • Polar Ice & Iceberg Monitoring
  • Land Change Detection
  • Wildlife Counts & Protection
  • Freshwater and Riparian Area Resource Management
  • Environmental Remediation Projects