About Us

i-cubed offers a “vendor-agnostic” approach to enterprise geospatial data and information management for industry and government clients. Our services and applications leverage satellite and aerial Earth imagery and map data, as well as rich geospatial media from ground and “low altitude, large-area” data collection missions. We offer a full range of products and services including the imagery itself, processing to customer specifications, analysis and distribution. We also provide image archive management and geospatial multimedia dissemination systems through our DataDoors™ and GAME™ geospatial content management applications for customers with existing data collections.

Our impressive client base includes many of the world’s largest energy and utility companies, and industry leaders in environmental engineering, land and natural resource management, agriculture, visual simulation applications, as well as several progressive government agencies. Typical uses might include visualization, exploration and engineering applications, as well as environmental and critical infrastructure monitoring of transportation and energy transmission corridors.

In 1995, Russell Cowart founded i-cubed in his basement with a single PC he purchased with money borrowed from a friend. The company was started, and stills resides in Ft. Collins, Colorado, which is at the heart of what the GIS and mapping industry refers to as “GIS Alley.” Under Mr. Cowart’s guidance, i-cubed has grown from its humble entrepreneurial beginnings into one of the world’s most respected geospatial technology firms with a global presence and growing list of clients and partners.

i-cubed is now at our new location in Fort Collins, CO. Same great town, but with a new modern location and state of the art facilities. The open office space concept creates an exciting, informal work environment for the company’s professional and dedicated staff.

Learn more by browsing our website or call us at:  +1.800.472.8328 or +1.970.482.4400