Aerial Imagery

i-cubed is strategically partnered with the leading aerial photography firms nationwide. These partnerships enable us to search for imagery in a number of archives, saving you time and money. We can help you choose the best resolution, vintage, cost, coverage and type of imagery to suit your application.



i-cubed NWP (Nationwide Prime):


i-cubed USA Nationwide Prime is a 1m seamless, color-balanced mosaic for the lower 48 states plus portions of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The mosaic consists of fresh commercial aerial imagery that includes over 300,000 sq miles of urban to suburban environments across the US.

It is available in multiple formats, datums and projections to accommodate any client’s needs. The global multi-resolution datastack can be provided as a WMS streaming layer or the 1 meter mosaic can be purchased on a national basis or even by the sq mile through the  i-cubed clip, zip & ship delivery mechanism on DataDoors.



NWP Q42013_Actual_20131024

This map shows our newest acquisitions for Quarter 4, 2013

Microsoft Bing:

Collected with the Microsoft UltraCamG, Bing aerial imagery is the most accurate and consistent aerial product of its kind. The 30 cm natural color and 60 cm infrared aerial orthomosaics covers the United States and most of Western Europe with frequent revisits over the most populated areas for the industry’s quickest refresh rate.

i-cubed adds value to the Bing product by offering clients the convenience of a streaming WMS service, as well as some additional options around “caching for convenience.” The imagery may also be purchased as a standalone dataset, which includes accurate metadata.

For more information, contact an i-cubed Geo-Information Specialist at +1 800.472.8328 or +1 970.482.4400 or email