Agriculture & Forestry

Since its creation, DataDoors has pushed and expanded the limits of using satellite imagery to rapidly assess vegetation health in agricultural areas. Given satellite imagery with appropriate multispectral bands (green, red, near infrared), many types of vegetation indexes can be created for an agricultural unit (farm, field, or growing area) in a matter of minutes. With the rapid revisit times available on newer satellites, it is possible to generate several snapshots of the same index per growing season for any given area. DataDoors can also be used to manage numerous sources of geospatial data used for crop forecasting, previous year analysis, land use change, etc. We have worked extensively with USDA, other government agencies, and private companies in developing useful and innovative applications of DataDoors for the agriculture industry.


GAME (Geospatial Asset Management Environment) is another complementary tool that can be used for agricultural applications. With GAME, you can load digital photos taken on the ground, documents related to a specific area, geospatial video taken along a reconnaissance flight, and many other types of data into one common platform. GAME is the easy asset management solution for farmers’ cooperatives, insurance companies, irrigation districts, and large corporations to assist in managing documents related to its activities. GAME can be used as a platform to efficiently share geotagged information across your organization, in the office as well as in the field through mobile devices.



NDVI analysis of a few fields, showing stressed areas in yellow/red and healthy areas in green



A few areas where DataDoors and GAME bring agricultural analysis to the digital frontier:

  • Farm Area Optimization/Precision Farming
  • Damage Estimation (hail, flood, etc.)
  • Crop Yield Estimation
  • Crop Identification (including illicit crops)
  • Structure Inventory Management
  • Natural Disaster Documentation & Recovery