Broadcast Media & Weather

i-cubed provides customized, multi-resolution, multi-source, and multi-vintage imagery layers for many on-air broadcast news and weather stations around the world. Through customized and proprietary image processing techniques, we give you the ability to perform the seamless “simulated zoom” from space down to street level. i-cubed’s products are used as the imagery backdrop for broadcasts by well over 50% of major network affiliates around the United States, so chances are you’ve already seen our work on your nightly newscast. As the international viewing public grows to expect high-resolution imagery as a visual reference, we can provide you the same high-quality broadcast products outside of North America and around the globe.


For more information or to schedule a demo, contact an i-cubed Broadcast Specialist at +1 800.472.8328 or +1 970.482.4400 or email