DataDoors for LiDAR

LiDAR Hosting & Processing in the Cloud

  • Do you spend valuble time locating and preparing LAS files, orthomosaics and derivative products for your projects?
  • Is your LiDAR data scattered across multiple hard drives and other network repositories?
  • Are your customers, analysts or other stakeholders in multiple locations?
  • Would you like to capture revenue from past LiDAR data collections?

The exponential growth in routinely-collected LiDAR data presents unprecedented data management challenges for both data collection vendors and end-user organizations. DataDoors – the first and most widely-used web-based geospatial data management platform – now features robust support for LiDAR management, processing and distribution in the cloud.

Adding to its already valuable LiDAR archive management functionality, DataDoors now provides the ability to extract, combine, reproject, tile and derive interpreted content surfaces from one or multiple LiDAR LAS files. Along with these new capabilities, derivative products such as DSM, DTM, contours and intensity images, can be delivered from DataDoors as a finished product or as a hosted data stream with a range of endpoints optimized for your GIS and CAD applications. This allows end-users the advantage of automatically processing LiDAR to standard derivative products without having to store, host or manage the product locally.


DD3 LiDAR_PowerLine_Screenshot

Capabilities & Features


Ingest & Hosting – Securely upload, back-up and host your LiDAR and orthos for on-demand access and processing

Discovery – Geographically search, discover and access a copy of the original LAS file data for detailed analysis in the LiDAR, GIS or CAD software of their choice

Extract – Draw an AOI covering one or multiple LAS file footprints. DataDoors will then clip, extract and create a new full-featured LAS file for that AOI

Contours – Generate vectors for specific elevation contour intervals

Raster Generation – Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Intensity Images

Reprojection and Formatting – Output LiDAR derivative products to a variety of common map projections and software formats

Data Streaming – Create WMS streams of LiDAR derivative products and orthomosaics for use in web and desktop applications


Advanatages & Benefits


Processing Power – Take the burden off your desktop and let our powerful cloud infrastructure do the work

Vendor-agnostic Solution – Support for multiple sensors and data collection platforms

Security – Sleep well knowing your LiDAR is safely backed-up in our redundant and highly-available facilities

Proven Platform – Over 10 years managing and processing geospatial data in the cloud

Custom-Branding – Leverage your brand with a custom-branded portal

Flexible Ecommerce – Multi-currency support for credit cards, purchase orders, credits and royalty-free scenarios


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