DataDoors™ is a flexible framework that integrates distributed geographic data management – discovery, acquisition, processing, analysis & modeling, delivery.

DataDoors seamlessly provides decision makers and analysts (not necessarily geospatial experts) with the geographic data and derivative information they require to accomplish their missions. It typically takes less than two minutes for a user to discover and initiate acquisition of the data they need.


Geospatial data is becoming a critical part of everyday business. Storing, managing and distributing this data can become costly and time consuming. We have developed DataDoors to eliminate the hassle of searching through piles of CDs, DVDs and hard drives to locate data sets.

DataDoors allows you to manage your organization’s geospatial archive and provides the tools to process and deliver the data within minutes. DataDoors does more than just house your imagery; it can include processing by utilizing your own algorithms or industry standard processes such as orthorectification, vegetation indices, change detection, and land use / land cover classification. It is also easy to include human analysts in the loop for value-added workflows. DataDoors can be accessed via the web, ArcMap or a custom interface.

i-cubed is a geoprocessing service organization that offers complete business solutions based on information derived geodata. We developed DataDoors in response to our own need to search, locate and produce imagery more efficiently. Working with different types of imagery, maps, terrain and geodata from different providers, in different formats and resolutions; DataDoors helps us simplify your processes.

Our consulting team can customize DataDoors to fit the needs of your organization.

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