Electric Power

Satellite and aerial imagery as well as other map data are key tools in the planning of new electric power facilities and transmission/distribution line projects.

Geospatially-intelligent video, photos and audio comments from your existing aerial patrols and asset inspections are invaluable in the construction and ongoing maintenance of right-of-ways. By providing a rich visual representation into the condition of your ROW assets, i-cubed can help you identify problems before they occur – like abnormal insulators on the brink of failure. It is also the perfect supplement to LiDAR for NERC compliance projects in addition to your regular ROW patrols and inspections. i-cubed is uniquely positioned to offer both solutions for your facilities and overhead line projects.

i-cubed’s solutions help resolve some of the biggest issues concerning Electric Utilities including:

  • Aerial & Robotic Line Inspections
  • New Line Siting & Public Buy-in
  • Generation & Facilities ROW Site Selection
  • Encroachment Detection & Management
  • Vegetation Monitoring & Management
  • Rapid Storm & Disaster Analysis & Restoration
  • Utility Corridor Mapping for NERC Compliance
  • Administration of Environmental & Wildlife Programs
  • Managing Line Patrol Video:  True Color, Infrared (IR) & Corona

GAME Power_Insulator_Screenshot_2

Managing structure component issues with GAME.