Emergency Response

An effective emergency response effort starts before the disaster with proper emergency preparedness planning. Having the proper equipment, processes, technology systems and data arranged and ready to go ensures first responders in the field and command centers fully utilize the critical minutes and hours following an event and ensure rebuilding efforts continue on schedule and on budget.

Since response and recovery efforts are geographically-based you need a geospatial mapping system that unites recent satellite and aerial imagery with ground-based situational awareness to create a common operating picture for real-time actionable information.

i-cubed’s DataDoors suite of geospatial in-field, deployed and cloud applications are designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Through our experience gained in providing the most recent imagery and ground-based intelligence in disconnected, harsh military environments, we are now able to offer you commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions for an effective yet affordable emergency response program.


DataDoors and GAME are ideal for the following disaster response activities:

  • Planning & Preparedness
  • Search & Rescue Efforts
  • Rapid Utilities Assessment & Restoration
  • Streamlining Insurance Claims Process
  • Debris Cleanup Logistics
  • Monitoring Recovery & Rebuilding Efforts
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GAME helps field and command center personnel assess tornado damage.