Engineering & Construction

Engineering and construction projects start with the proper site selection. Current and historic satellite/aerial imagery and clutter land-use data are key tools for evaluating land feasibility. i-cubed has vast experience in supplying engineering and construction firms with the most relevant imagery and data for your projects. An i-cubed Geo-Information Specialist will listen to your specific needs and recommend a data bundle that meets your requirements.


As multiple projects get under way, keeping track of all the appropriate documentation and progress updates can be a challenge for even the most experienced project manager. That’s where i-cubed’s GAME™ (Geospatial Asset Management Environment) comes in. GAME helps you geospatially organize all of your project documents, data and rich media like videos and photos. Because GAME is a cloud or network-based solution, all your team members and contractors can have easy access the appropriate information no matter where they are in the world.
GAME is ideal for the following engineering applications:

  • Site Analysis & Planning
  • Construction Lifecycle Planning
  • Energy & Transportation Corridor Projects
  • Commercial and Residential Land Development



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GAME geospatially manages all of your engineering and construction project documents and rich media like videos, photos and applications.