Exploration & Production

High-resolution, multi-band satellite imagery is an ideal tool to assist in oil and gas exploration, identification, planning, monitoring and emergency response efforts, and can cost-effectively reduce the risk and uncertainty involved in production and distribution.

Access to timely, accurate information from remote locations or emerging events can be invaluable to your business. On-site personnel, whether in the next county or on the next continent, providing verifiable information from the field can be inherently time-consuming, expensive, and even inaccurate. High-resolution satellite imagery can perform many of the same functions, with greater speed, less cost, more precision, and superior consistency.

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DigitalGlobe is the exclusive provider of i-cubed’s DataDoors products and services for the global oil and gas industry. DigitalGlobe brings vast industry experience and knowledge and is the leading provider of premium image collection, image processing, and image analysis services for the oil and gas industry. DigitlaGlobe offers flexible data delivery options and is focused on making imagery accessible on every desktop.

Imagery data from DigitalGlobe is provided through Spatial On Demand®, an online service providing access to the energy industry’s largest archive of imagery data from leading satellite and aerial providers, including DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite, GeoEye’s IKONOS and OrbView-3 satellites, SPOT and UltraCam. Through Spatial On Demand, users can quickly and easily search for available imagery and order it online. The imagery can then be imported, viewed, manipulated and analyzed using leading desktop solutions such as Google Earth, Global Mapper, ESRI ArcView, Virtual Earth and others. Spatial On Demand is hosted through DataDoors, i-cubed’s flexible framework that integrates distributed geographic data management – discovery, acquisition, processing, analysis, modeling and delivery.