GAME Esri Add-Ins

Need an easy way to see video, photos, documents and other geospatial multimedia in Esri ArcGIS 10/10.1? Our GAME Add-Ins for Esri extend GAME’s revolutionary functionality to Esri’s desktop GIS software. Stop waiting for other vendors to catch up and contact us to learn about the i-cubed solutions you can use today!


GAME ArcMap Add-In

The GAME Add-In enables search, discovery, download, editing, and adding (uploading) of digital assets and associated metadata while connected to GAME servers. This includes many different formats of full motion video, photos, documents and applications. Additionally, digital assets and metadata from GAME servers can be cached by the GAME Add-In to a local Esri File Geodatabase for disconnected use in which editing, adding, and deleting can also be conducted. Whether working in connected or disconnected mode, the GAME Add-In unites information contained in rich media and documents with the power of ArcGIS layers, tools, models, GIS services, and even other Add-Ins and extensions.

GAME content workflows differ between the ArcMap GAME Add-In, and the Flex and Silverlight web clients. The GAME Add-In was developed with GIS users in mind, taking advantage of native Esri ArcGIS tools and workflows. For users who are familiar with the GAME web clients, primary workflow differences are adding, editing, and deleting assets from the GAME repository.

Another difference between the ArcMap GAME Add-In and GAME web clients is the Add-In’s ability to cache content locally for disconnected/offline use. This process of building a work package takes advantage of Esri’s File Geodatabase structure combined with a LocalCache folder to contain digital assets.

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See Videos, Photos & More on a Map Using GAME & Esri ArcMap


GAME ArcGIS Explorer Add-In 

The GAME ArcGIS Explorer add-in gives users similar functionality to the GAME ArcMap Add-In described above but in Esri’s free desktop software. ArcGIS Explorer is a free GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information. ArcGIS Explorer adds value to any GIS because it helps you deliver your authoritative data to a broad audience. Click Here to learn more and download the free ArcGIS Explorer.

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See Photos, Videos & More on a Map Using the Free Esri ArcGIS Explorer