GAME for Oil & Gas

Do you regularly patrol your oil and gas pipelines, well sites and facilities to identify threats to your right of way (ROW) assets, such as encroachments, erosion and heavy equipment along your right of way? Are you currently, or planning to record video and/or photos from these patrols?


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GAME Empowers Subject Matter Experts in the Office to Monitor Facilities & Critical Infrastructure


If you are looking for ways to organize and leverage hundreds of miles of pipeline and oil and gas location-based asset data, then you need to consider GAME. GAME provides you a centralized point for archiving, retrieving and sharing all this data. GAME handles all types of rich geospatial multimedia such as video, high resolution photos, audio, documents and applications, all within the context of geographic location. Additionally, GAME can utilize any of your organizations existing geodata, such as satellite/aerial imagery, terrain and vector map data as the map background. 


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GAME Lets You Keep Track of Well Site Locations & Activity with Geomedia


Typical Oil & Gas Applications for GAME:

  • Land & Lease Management Efforts
  • Facilities and Storage Site Identification & Assessment
  • Mechanical Damage & Other Right-of-Way Encroachment Risks
  • High Consequence Area (HCA) Management & Emergency Response Plans
  • Bidding Contractor Services (i.e. Drilling, Vegetation Clearing)
  • New Pipeline Planning, Design & Construction Projects
  • Environmental Impact & Ground Change Detection
  • Infrastructure Threat & Security Analysis