GAME (Geospatial Asset Management Environment)

GAME™ is an extendable, server-based geospatial digital content management platform. GAME enables your geographically dispersed team to dramatically leverage project assets and information. GAME gives users of any skill level the ability to geo-tag, store, retrieve, and disseminate mission critical work products using digital assets such as:

•Full Motion Video
•Audio Notes
•Documents & Files
•Background Imagery & Maps

GAME lets you review full motion video and other digital data where it was collected on a map - all in a simple web-based application.
GAME lets you review full motion video and other digital data where it was collected on a map – all in a simple web-based application.

GAME is your single point solution for intuitive access to asset data and work product creation, as well as a digital back up of all your raw field data and processed information.

Working in a disconnected environment? No problem. GAME gives you tools to easily view and manipulate your geodata and rich geospatial multimedia in Esri’s ArcMap/ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth and GAME Fugitive edition.




The GAME ArcMap add-in enables search, discovery, download, editing, and adding (uploading) of digital assets and associated metadata while connected to GAME servers. Additionally, digital assets and metadata from GAME servers can be cached by the GAME add-in to a local Esri File Geodatabase for disconnected use in which editing, adding, and deleting can also be conducted.



The GAME ArcGIS Explorer add-in gives users similar functionality to the GAME ArcMap add-in described above but in Esri’s free GIS desktop software.




GAME’s powerful Web Services API allows users to push geospatial assets from GAME to Google Earth on the desktop with just a single URL.




GAME Fugitive edition is a disconnected, desktop version of the GAME server for leveraging your geospatial multimedia and imagery data when an Internet connection is not available. GAME Fugitive edition is the ideal solution for the forward deployed warfighter conducting patrols along the “last tactical mile” or first responders managing disaster rescue and recovery efforts.



GAME is Ideal for Projects Like:

• Asset Inventory & Condition Assessments
• Border Protection & Narcotics Interdiction
• Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
• Disaster & Emergency Response Efforts
• Environmental Cleanup and Monitoring
• Facilities Maintenance & Repair
• Power & Pipeline ROW Inspections
• Transportation Corridor & Inventory Projects
• Wildlife Counts & Species Classification

Join clients like the US Department of Defense (DoD), National Park Service (NPS) and European Space Agency (ESA) who are using GAME to dramatically reduce risks, asset management expenses and provide public outreach, respectively.