Data Hosting & Streaming

i-cubed has multiple data hosting and distribution services available that accommodate your organization’s requirements. Proprietary customer data can be hosted at a secure i-cubed facility with highly available access to specified end users. i-cubed can offer the appropriate level of redundancy and uptime to meet your specific application or project needs.


i-cubed has the capability to stream maps to your application or your customers in real-time. A service with your imagery, i-cubed imagery or a custom blend can be established in minutes. The service can include reference vectors such as political boundaries, roads etc.

We can provide access to imagery in a number of different ways. Not only can you leverage our highly performant dynamic image streams such as WMS, but our lightening fast optimized RESTful end points can be utilized in web applications and many COTS software packages. i-cubed delivers you a unique URL that can be added to any WMS-supported GIS software application.

Streaming of a KML SuperOverlay Endpoint in Google Earth - DEM Derived from Power Line Corridor LiDAR
Sometimes our customers need data tiled into small compressed images and optimized for rapid retrieval and quick changes in zoom level, typically for use in an Internet-based service for a large number of end-users. The tiling/compression/optimization process (known as caching) is a procedure we have been perfecting over the last few years. i-cubed can supply caches in a variety of formats, depending on the consuming application. Possible outputs include: Esri standard cache, Esri compact cache, and i3-TIFF (a variation of GeoTIFF format that is optimized for rapid retrieval and zoom changes).

The projections available for caching are those most commonly used in caching applications: Web Mercator and Geographic WGS84. We can work with you to choose the appropriate format and projection for your application.

Cached data can either be delivered to the customer, or hosted at i-cubed. Hosting at i-cubed can save you storage costs and eliminate the need for an expensive server cluster. We can take the headache out of hosting data by doing it for you.