Oftentimes imagery looks dull or dark due to inherent characteristics of source data, or incorrect scaling from collection bit depths to display bit depths. At i-cubed, we try to eliminate these problems by enhancing the imagery before delivery.  Using look-up tables that have been carefully chosen by our analysts, we try to make sure that each delivered product uses the full available dynamic range. This is similar to choosing “DRA On” when ordering from a satellite vendor, but we put more emphasis on making sure the data looks “right” from a human perspective. By applying a look-up table, we are able to maximize the color, depth, and richness of each pixel of the imagery.

We also offer a process called i3 sharpen to improve image clarity, especially for imagery that has a blurry or hazy appearance. This enhancement is useful for cases when sharp lines such as road edges, building outlines, paint stripes, etc., are of primary importance.  If you are in the oil and gas, transportation, engineering and design, or planning industry, you should consider this option when ordering imagery from i-cubed.

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Other types of filters can be applied as the need arises. We can despeckle noisy imagery or destripe imagery with linear artifacts. We can process radar data (from TerraSAR-X, for example) through a variety of radar-specific filters. Our software can also be used to apply custom filters to deal with specific problems in many different types of imagery.