Oil & Gas Solutions

Whether you’re a regional independent pipeline company or a multi-national with operations around the world, chances are your revenue opportunities are often tied to a geographic location. In many cases the locations are in remote parts of the world where “normal rules” don’t always apply further increasing your expenses and risks. 


i-cubed uses the very latest remote sensing and GIS technologies to help you leverage these opportunities and reduce the costs and risks associated with upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. High-resolution satellite and aerial imagery offerings are constantly evolving, providing new opportunities to improve your “high-level” view of projects and facilities. When combined with rich geomedia from earth-born remote sensing, such as aerial patrol video of pipeline right-of-ways or pedestrian-based infrared gas sensing at a refinery, you now have a data management program that can produce actionable information.


Through our exclusive partnership with Spatial Energy to offer Spatial on Demand, i-cubed technology supports all five of the major multi-nationals and over half of the top 100 oil and gas companies with advanced imagery management tools. Now with our new GAME (Geospatial Asset Management Environment) server and Esri Add-Ins for geomedia management, i-cubed is the only company that can unite your imagery and geodata with “unstructured” earth-born remote sensing geomedia.