Pipeline Operations

Operating oil and natural gas pipelines in a highly regulated environment has never been an easy task. Several recent high-profile accidents have now elevated pipeline safety into the public, media and political conversation.

i-cubed gives you the latest space and earth-born remote sensing technologies to insure your pipeline monitoring team has accurate data that can be transformed into actionable information. Information that can be used to help you mitigate risks, reduce costs and show due diligence in meeting regulatory requirements.

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Locate Exposed Pipeline From Aerial Patrol Video Using GAME

Now with our GAME™ geomedia solutions, i-cubed is able to help you bring all of your routine aerial corridor inspection and ground-based field data into a geographically-based common operating picture. GAME is the most versatile geomedia server on the market, supporting full-motion geospatial video, photos, documents, spreadsheets, applications and many other types of digital information needed to effectively assess and manage your pipeline assets. With GAME, you now have an easy way to upload, organize, search and disseminate digital assets throughout the organization – all within the context of your existing GIS mapping environment. Read more…

i-cubed’s solutions help resolve some of the major issues facing Pipeline Operators, including:

  • Mechanical Damage & Other Right-of-Way Encroachment Risks
  • High Consequence Area (HCA) Management & Emergency Response Plans
  • New Pipeline Planning, Design & Construction Projects
  • Bidding Right-of-Way Management Services (i.e. Vegetation Clearing)
  • Environmental Impact & Ground Change Detection
  • Infrastructure Threat & Security Analysis
  • Land & Lease Management Efforts

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