i-cubed is a leading provider of geospatial imagery, data and versatile software applications. Below is a brief summary of our offerings.


Imagery & Map Content

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

i-cubed is partnered with the leading satellite and aerial imagery providers to offer the most comprehensive geospatial imagery solutions for our clients. We have access to all major commercial satellite imagery providers and can seamlessly submit archive orders or schedule new collections for your area of interest. We provide our clients with the convenience of placing one request and getting back all the available imagery options they need to make an informed and accurate decision.

Other Map Data

In addition to imagery, i-cubed can provide many other types of geospatial data, including: vector databases, terrain, topographic maps and land use analysis.


Geospatial Applications – Cloud & Deployed

i-cubed originally developed the revolutionary DataDoors solution in order to improve our own internal process and workflow efficiencies. We then extended DataDoors to make it available as a SaaS and deployed behind the firewall solution. Organizations of all sizes who want to simplify their geo-data discovery; processing and dissemination needs now have a simple solution to leverage that provides configurable access to company internal data and/or third party archives.


The GAME (Geospatial Asset Management Environment) module further extends DataDoor capabilities and workflows. GAME makes it easy to geo-tag, store, search, and create work products from your existing digital assets such as photos, videos, documents and spreadsheets and then distribute them to specified users or groups of users, all within the context of a map. Both DataDoors™ and GAME easily integrate with and extend your existing GIS, ERP, and other workflows.

GAME Esri Extensions and Add-ins

i-cubed is pleased to announce our GAME Extensions for ArcMap and ArcGIS explorer. These new utilities provide you with almost all of the functionality in the online GAME client. Geospatial video, photo and document management are now available within the Esri desktop software for unlimited use in hosted or deployed GAME solutions.