i-cubed has been a leading provider of data for radio frequency planning for over a decade. You can count on our dedicated team for rapid order processing, guaranteed quality, and cost-effective solutions. Whether you select one of our standardized packages or have us produce a customized product to perfectly match your requirements, you can be assured of superior value and an unsurpassed commitment to customer service.

i-cubed offers comprehensive geographic data for wireless planning applications in the PCS wavelengths, from 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Elements of PCS Geodata packages may include, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Clutter, Aerial Photography or Satellite Imagery, and GIS Information such as Transportation Vectors.


Wireless Line of Site

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i-cubed high resolution datasets make network planning at LMDS frequencies above 20Ghz fast and accurate. LMDS Geodata packages often include, Bald Earth DEMs, Canopy DEM, Engineering DEMs and Digital City Models.



Bald Earth DEM

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This is a digital representation of the earth’s surface without any above ground obstructions included. i-cubed can provide bald earth DEMs worldwide at a variety of resolutions.



Canopy DEM

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This is similar to the Bald Earth DEM with one important distinction. The Canopy DEM includes all above ground obstructions (buildings, trees…etc).



Engineering DEM

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This unique product is perfect for “last mile” engineering when the primary single obstruction is the tall buildings in a core urban market. i-cubed utilizes the standard bald earth DEM and stamps the buildings into its surface. What you get is a bald earth DEM with individual building ‘z’ values accurately represented as part of the terrain.




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One of the most popular and cost effective geographic data products i-cubed offers for wireless network design or optimization are clutter maps, also referred to as morphology or land-use maps. These digital maps are used in all of today’s state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) propagation tools to model path loss, signal attenuation and frequency re-use. As you know, a system designed with accurate geodata will result in lower costs for infrastructure and drive testing, as well as more reliable performance, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.



Digital City Models

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Building vectors in the form of height attributed rooftop polygons for all buildings with an extent greater than 10 meters x 10 meters x 10 meters. These building outlines are comprised of polygons attributed with a unique identifier, ground elevation, and building height in meters. They can be formatted to work in virtually any line of site planning tool.