Digital topographic raster maps add a crucial layer of information to any application. City names, political boundaries, highways and hydrographic features are all clearly annotated, giving a cultural context to your geospatial data. Additionally, Topo maps can offer invaluable information about historic land use, recreational opportunities and land ownership.

i-cubed can help you:

  • digitize paper maps
  • geocode and mosaic scanned maps
  • display maps as a backdrop in Google Earth
  • covert maps into proprietary formats
  • combine maps with other geospatial information (hillshades, image mosaics)


eTOPO 100K Fla eTOPO1

In addition to custom services, i-cubed has several pre-mosaicked map series that cover the United States. i-cubed’s eTOPO product is derived from Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) –    scanned images of standard USGS paper topographic maps. These maps were scanned, meticulously geocoded, clipped to the collars, and stitched together. The result was a detailed, accurate, seamless mosaic of USGS topographic maps over all 50 states. These maps have a common projection (UTM) and datum (NAD83), although they are available in a variety of other projections and datums. Three scales of eTOPO USA are available over the conterminous US: 1;24,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000.  A 1:24,000-scale version is available over Hawaii, and a 1:63,000 scale version is available over Alaska.


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Another eTOPO product we offer is a seamless mosaic of BLM maps, available over the western half of the conterminous United States. This colorful dataset shows land ownership categories, plus a host of other interesting features, such as contours, spot heights, section/township/range, trails, roads, water bodies and mines.


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All eTOPO products are available with a hillshade underlay, providing a 3-dimensional look that accentuates topographic variation for a “wow” effect. Through DataDoors, anyone can clip out their unique area of interest from either the flat or hillshaded eTOPO map mosaics (at any of the available scales), with several choices for output format and projection. Through DataDoors, you can order exactly the map data you need, no more and no less, exactly how you want it!

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With an i-cubed streaming subscription, you can roam around in a consuming application (such as ArcGIS) and get a full screenful of data every time. The scale and map projection change as you change them. You can overlay your own proprietary data over the streamed data to create a custom map that fits your needs. Streaming can put the entire eTOPO line under your fingertips, without any need to download, copy, or unzip anything! Through i-cubed’s streaming services, we can also stream any custom map mosaics you may already have.

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