Through image acquisition, processing services and DataDoors™ geoCMS,  i-cubed has a long history of providing effective satellite and aerial imagery solutions for transportation and logistics projects. With GAME, we now provide an easy to-use interface for managing thousands of miles of roadway, rail, waterway and port corridor observation and inventory data.

GAME is the ideal solution for managing large volumes of rich geospatial video and photo data collected during transportation corridor surveys. Additionally, GAME provides for the geospatial organization of related asset documents and engineering drawings.

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Typical Intermodal Applications:

  • Freight & Passenger Rail
  • Highway, Road & Bridge
  • Waterways & Ports
  • Airports

Typical Uses:

  • Right-of-Way Maintenance
  • ITS Enterprise Integration
  • Sign & Signal Inventory Management
  • Condition Assessment (Pavement, Track & Structure)
  • Construction & Repair Projects
  • Environmental Change Detection
  • Security Monitoring